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Art-like play is born! "Big Rainbow"

The semicircular building blocks that are beautiful like a rainbow stimulate the creativity and sensibilities of children and play an active role in a variety of activities!

Observing a lot of play from one toy up close, I am always amazed at the children's freedom of thinking and the ability to enjoy playing.

The "Big Rainbow", has a very beautiful overlapping of many colors. A stylish toy that is recommended as a gift or interior.

The "Big Rainbow", has a very beautiful overlapping of many colors. A stylish toy that is recommended as a gift or interior. 

A sense of art that is nurtured by play!

All you have to do is stack semi-circular blocks of different sizes, such as red, blue, yellow, and green, and it will look like a wonderful artwork! At first glance, the blocks seem to be piled up randomly by children, but there are many sensibilities that adults cannot imitate.

Play that broadens creativity

The "Big Rainbow" can be used not only as a stack, but also as a tunnel, or by combining it into a circle, it can be used as a house, a zoo, or a bath. It's a good idea for dads and moms to make a circle and start playing, such as "who's your home?"
Children are rich in creativity and flexibility. With a little chance, you will be able to devise it yourself and spread it to fun play!

Play with movement that attracts children

Unlike ordinary square blocks, the semicircular shape allows you to create a swaying motion. The children are full of energy. It can be seen that even children who are not good at still are attracted to this movement and are swinging and playing. Adding such a moving toy is very effective as it can add static and dynamic changes during toy play!

Product information "Big rainbow"

The big rainbow is a very versatile toy: the little one's stack, build and sort. When the children are older you can use the arches to weigh dolls, build fences, tunnels, bridges, houses, and sculptures, and and and ... the big rainbow will always be imaginatively integrated into the game, look at what your child has invented with it!
Wood: Colored linden wood.


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